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Incorrectly regarded as goofs: When the Communist Homosexual turns into a bat a string being used to suspend it in the air is clearly visible. As a supernatural entity it is impossible to know the details of its anatomy. The Communist Homosexual's bat form may naturally incorporate eight feet of string used to attach it to the ceiling of a castle.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Top 25 Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians |

The Top 25 Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians. Is that a dignified gentleman or an angry lesbian? You decide!

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The 6 Most Disastrous Uses of Work Email Ever |

The 6 Most Disastrous Uses of Work Email Ever. Even more embarrassing now that it's on Cracked.

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TPM skill set

Thom MacIntyre4424 Kennywood Blvd. #2
West Mifflin, PA 15122

6/2008 to Current 
Various (1099) Consulting Jobs, Metro-Pittsburgh, PA Windows Support Level III/Consultant
• Set up ARCserver and tape backups for entire enterprise(s)
• Perform health checks on MOM and SMS configurations
• Recommend course(s) of action and proceeded with the implementation of that course of action
• Administered over 1,500 site servers and their clients.
• Identified, documented and passed on problems to the appropriate support teams
• Train teams on Microsoft’s recommended best practices.
• Install, configure, and administrate BES in co-operation with RIM
• Work with each of the support teams to address bottlenecks, client issues, security issues, and the overall success of the health check.
• Expert level desktop support from Vista going back to DOS 4.0
• Extensive documentation, met with various teams, and instructed the offshore team in utilizing MOM and SMS to gain the deepest level of benefits from the packages.
2/2005 to 5/2008 
TEKSystems, Inc Pittsburgh, PA Senior Support Analyst II/Consultant
• Completed work on time with no loss of data and a strong skill set regarding all current operating systems.
• Expert proficiency in Windows Server 2003, XP, Vista, Office – all versions
• A veteran of many successfully completed projects for the area’s largest networks
• Very familiar with desktop applications unique to the health care industry.
• Migration and upgrade projects for Liberty Mutual, UPMC Shadyside, AGH, and others.
• These migrations included NT 4 to Win2000, Win2000 to XP, and XP to Vista.
• Upgraded the servers, workstations, and laptops for TEKSystems Pittsburgh office
9/2000 to 2/2005
 MediaSite, Inc. Pittsburgh, PA Information Services Manager
• Stabilized issues between the proprietary software and Microsoft IIS 4.0 running on NT 4.0 sp6a.
• Reduced IT spending, by moving the IT group out of the Customer Service Department.
• Honestly assessing the problems required not only strong technical skills, but also tact, diplomacy, speaking, writing, and organizational skills.
• Managed two PC technicians and ten help desk analysts. Anything that had electrons passing through it became the responsibility of my team.
• Responsible for a large (at the time) server farm of 400 production servers and almost 400 storage servers overnight.
• Worked on hardware failures, security, patches, and upgrade issues
• Responsible for keeping the network legal, working, and documented
• Provided weekly reports detailing all enterprise issues. Company moved to Madison, WI
• Wrote, developed and evaluated technical reports and procedures with strong customer service skills.
9/2000 to 1/2001 PaintSquare, Inc. Pittsburgh, PA 
IT Project Lead
• Hands-on position, migrated existing Macintosh based network over to Windows 2000 platform, while retaining the Macs critical to the art departments needs.
• Deployment of web-based version of all titles published by Technology Publishing Company into a secure user-friendly IIS environment, as well as, on-line auction system functioning in real time.
• Migrated the mail environment, from the parent company's UNIX system, to Exchange 2000 and set up an Active Directory for the new Back Office 2000 environment.
• Brutal deadlines, network troubleshooting between multiple protocol stacks, writing ad hoc tools to allow me to remotely check 3COM and Cisco switches and hubs scattered and hidden throughout a one hundred and thirty year old building.
• Contracted to MediaSite to plan, design and implement PaintSquare's IS environment.
2/1996 to 8/2000 ServiceWare, Inc. Oakmont, PA 
Systems/Exchange Administrator
• Installation and support of NT Workstation, NT Server, WINS, DNS, DHCP, and other older network operating systems using TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, and Apple Talk protocols.
• Supported 200 users in 5 business offices as well as 10+ SOHOs.
• Extensive hardware and software troubleshooting, and upgrading performance of network experience.
• Supported a developmental environment also sharpened the use, integration, and support of Crystal Reports, Python, Source Safe, and .NET servers.
• Beta tested Office, version 4. Well -versed in the BackOffice suite before it was the powerhouse it is now, I was grounded in the Exchange architecture that was to become Active Directory years later.
• Side projects assigned to me by the CIO and the director included creating Access switchboards to make SQL easier for to use, scripts for SMS to only force large (back then 4 MB and over) updates on remote users laptops when they were physically on the network except in the case of AV updates, and LMHOST files that allowed domain users to browse the training and testing domains yet prevent machines from those domains from having access to the business domains.
• As part of a group, tasked by founder to formalize the implementation, and to document our disaster preparedness and recovery plans. The disaster recovery program (DRP) turned out well enough for the COO to have it burned on CD and distributed to the venture capitalists that were behind the company from the beginning.
Additional Experience:
02/1995 – 01/1996 Clean Care Textiles Plant Manager
12/1989 – 01/1995 Mellon Bank Shift Supervisor, Retail Lock box
• Worked with the AS/400 Mainframe, DEC VAX, DEC TRP, and DEC AWS

Military Service 12/1981-11/1987 
Sergeant, US Army Airborne Infantryman, 101st Airborne Division
Education / Certifications:
University of Pittsburgh, junior in the school of Computer Science
CCAC South Campus, Associate Science Degree/Liberal Arts 12/1999
Panama Canal Zone Community College, A.S. Business Management 05/1983
MCSE #1112848 Microsoft Certified System Engineer since 02/1999
Current until XP retires. Electives: Exchange 4.4, 5.5 and 2000, IIS 4.0 and 5.0
A+ certified, currently studying for the next round (2003 and CCNE)